Distance:  Exactly 5 Kilometers

3.1 miles

16,404.2 feet.

All paved, no steps, course signs


Highest Point - Hart Center FRONT 

702 feet above sea level.

Lowest point: McKeon Road

455 feet above sea level.

(Mount Wachusett peak is 2,002 feet asl)

So that is 247 feet down and, eventually, 247 feet up, finishing with 2 feet sore :) .

250 feet is one-fourth the length of The QE2.

250 feet is about one-and-one-tenth times the length of The Wingspan of a 747

250 feet is about four times the length of a Bowling Lane

250 feet is about 50,000,000,000 times the length of a Glucose Molecule.

Conquer Mt. Saint James!

Start and Finish

Saturday, October 27th 2018 at Holy Cross - RACE START 8:00am

Crusaders Against Cancer 5k

​For Henry

family fun run and walk